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Classical Pilates for Every Body

Authentic Pilates Learning Center is devoted to sharing the classical Pilates method with teachers and students of all backgrounds. We created this online portal so that you can discover and learn to teach the method as it was intended by Joseph Pilates. Through video workouts and tutorials, you will have access to the 2nd generation Pilates teacher trainers at Authentic Pilates Learning Center, who trained under Romana Kryzanowska. 

  • Learn how to teach classical Pilates repertoire to the body in front of you.
  • Learn hand placement and spotting techniques.
  • Discover modifications for students of all levels.
  • Use a variety of cues for concise and clear instructions.
  • Learn how to progress your students through the classical Pilates system so that they feel safe and empowered.

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Short and effective Pilates workouts that will challenge you and give you insight into your own body and movement.


Mini-tutorials to break down exercises and learn modifications and cueing techniques for different populations.


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Classical Pilates, Anywhere, Anytime

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