Authentic Pilates Online

Your Source for Classical Pilates

Authentic Pilates Online is an extension of Authentic Pilates Learning Center dedicated to teaching and passing on the original system of full body exercise that is Pilates. APLC has been a classical teacher training center for several decades and has brought its workshops and comprehensive trainings to many countries around the world. Our master teachers and several instructors received their training under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, an original protégée of Joseph and Clara Pilates. 

Through Authentic Pilates Online anyone anywhere can get access to the same high quality of classical instruction and education as inside the walls of our New Jersey studio. 

Who is Authentic Pilates Online For?

  • Anyone curious about classical Pilates.
  • Teachers currently undergoing classical training through APLC or another school.
  • Pilates instructors who want to keep their teaching fresh.
  • Any student interested in doing classical Pilates workouts at home. 

A common misconception about classical Pilates is that it is only suitable for people with a certain amount of experience or a pre-defined body type. Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, created their method of full body conditioning for clients of all levels:  beginner, intermediate, and advanced students, many of whom had physical abnormalities to overcome, as well as athletes and dancers. Whoever they were, these people had custom programs designed for them to address their issues and to further strengthen and heal their bodies.

Initially I chose Authentic Pilates because it was conveniently located and came highly recommended by other instructors in the area. However, the support I received throughout the program is unlike any other training program in the area. Authentic Pilates truly is authentic in its approach to teaching the art of Pilates and I couldn’t be happier  for the experiences I’ve had and the knowledge I’ve gained from participating in the authentic Pilates teacher training program.

Elizabeth Leo,
Authentic Pilates Teacher Training graduate

Pilates Teaching Tutorials to Spice Up Your Teaching Style

At Authentic Pilates Learning Center, we teach how to modify and cue classical Pilates work so  that you can also create custom programs for your students that will help them grow and improve their bodies. 

Our experienced 2nd generation instructors will guide you step by step through each and every movement of the classical method in a way that will demonstrate the flexibility and versatility of classical Pilates and how it can be easily modified to fit the needs of any student of any skill level.

What I love the most about Authentic Pilates Teacher Training is that it really teaches me how to work with people of special populations. My clients have told me that they see my professionalism, my knowledge, they see that I understand osteoporosis, stenosis, and how to work with people with knee injuries and meniscus tears. Real people have problems and they have issues as they get older. I feel confident when I work with these people that I can help them and I know what I am talking about. Authentic Pilates really has taught me how to work with the real people out there. 

~Donna Riker,
Authentic Pilates Teacher Training graduate

Short and Effective Pilates Workouts 

Experience classical Pilates even if you don’t have access to a classical Pilates studio nearby.

All of our workouts are designed to be quick and manageable while providing a way for Pilates students and teachers of all levels to feel challenged, yet comfortable.

With videos ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, people with busy lifestyles can get the perfect workout in from anywhere they have access to the Internet. 

We were told Joseph Pilates would say,
“Bring us your body, and we will make it better.”

With Authentic Pilates Online you can make your body better no matter where you are. 

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